Malaria Cases in Oyam Between July and September Were at 53%

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In a health report released by the Oyam District Health Department today, during the quarterly review meeting on health performance held at Rainbow Hotel in Oyam Town Council, it indicates that in the last quarter between July and September, malaria cases were higher at 53% in various health facilities in Oyam District.

A total of 40,208 patients tested positive for malaria, standing at 53%.

Cough or cold (no pneumonia) had 14,410 patients confirmed positive, representing 19%. Intestinal worm cases were 4,894, standing at 7%. Urinary tract infections (UTI) had 4,456 confirmed cases, accounting for 6%. Gastrointestinal disorder cases were 3,195, representing 4%. Pneumonia recorded 2,793 cases, making it 4%. Acute diarrhea had 1,693 patients, accounting for 2%. Skin diseases had 1,412 confirmed cases, representing 2%. Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) were reported in 1,350 cases, or 2%, and lastly, Dental caries had 871 cases, ranking at 1%.

According to the report, the most affected sub-counties are Abok, Aleka, Iceme, Iceme Town Council, and Ngai.

Death cases were mainly reported in premature babies, with 15 cases recorded at different health facilities in Oyam District. Of these, 12 death cases were mainly caused by anemia, and 6 were reported due to road accidents, all occurring between July and September.

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Dr. Caroline Agaro, the malaria focal point person, attributes the high rate of malaria in Oyam District to the lack of ownership for malaria control and prevention interventions at the community level.

Oyam District has 29 government health facilities, including 15 Health Center III, 13 Health Center II, and 01 Health Center IV. All these facilities serve a population of 506,348 quarterly.

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