MP’s Generous Gift: Modern Hospital Beds for Gulu Health Centers

Sharon Laker Balmoi - MP's Generous Gift: Modern Hospital Beds for Gulu Health Centers
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Five Health Centers in Gulu District Receive 22 Modern Hospital Beds

In an effort to enhance healthcare services for over 100,000 local residents, five health centers, including Health Centers IIs, IIIs, and IVs in Gulu district, have been equipped with 22 modern hospital beds.

The donation was announced during an inspection tour by the Gulu District Woman Member of Parliament, Sharon Laker Balmoi, who described it as a goodwill gesture to improve healthcare facilities.

The benefiting health centers are as follows:

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Health Center Number of Beds
Coo-pe H.C II 1
Pawel Angany H.C II 2
Labwor-omor H.C III
Patiko H.C III
Awach H.C IV 16


The distribution was segmented into three formats, with Health Center IIs receiving one bed each, Health Center IIIs receiving two beds each, and the sole Health Center IV receiving the remaining 16 beds due to its capacity and range of services.

The healthcare providers expressed their gratitude for the donation, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on patient admissions and critical care. Previously, some of these health centers lacked sufficient admission beds, leading to challenges in accommodating patients, especially those in critical conditions.

Everline Adong, a health administrator at Coo-pe H.C II, highlighted the significant improvement in healthcare services that these beds would bring, particularly in a facility that previously had only one patient bed but attended to an average of 10 patients daily, with several presenting critical conditions such as acute malaria.

The woman MP, MP Balmoi, encouraged the beneficiaries to make the best use of the donated beds and ensure their proper maintenance.

As part of their role in oversight and community development, Members of Parliament like MP Balmoi often visit and support various projects within their constituencies, contributing to local development and healthcare services improvement.

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