Mumps Outbreak Reported in Minakulu Subcounty, Oyam District

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This week, cases of Mumps disease have been reported in Minakulu Subcounty, Oyam district, affecting children under 12 years of age, and many children are now affected.

This Mumps disease is reported in the villages of Kuluabura, Wirayo, and Aminomir, all in Minakulu Subcounty, Oyam district.

Moses Obol, a resident of Wirayo village, says this disease is serious and causing problems for children, such as discomfort in the salivary gland in the front of the neck, swelling, difficulty in chewing, and high fever.

Obol mentions that since the disease was reported in the area, medical workers have not yet visited for community sensitization on the disease, and parents are relying on traditional methods for treating it without taking their children to health centers for treatment.

However, Dr. Thomas Malinga, the DHO of Oyam district, when contacted for comments, revealed that his office isn’t yet aware of the reported cases, despite having just received the monthly health report from different health centers in Oyam district. But he says he will send his health team to Minakulu subcounty to find out the details concerning the disease.

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Mumps disease is a viral illness that can easily spread from one person to another. It causes fever, tiredness, and swelling of the salivary glands in the face, among other symptoms. It can be prevented through vaccination.

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