Nampeera Spill Over: Kampala Bars Clamp Down on Toilet Hookups

PHOTO Christine Nampeera X
PHOTO - Christine Nampeer/ X
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Kampala bar owners are taking a firm stance against toilet rendezvous, warning patrons against engaging in sexual activities within their restroom facilities.

This stern warning follows the circulation of a viral video featuring local celebrity Christine Nampeera caught in an intimate encounter with her boyfriend, Barasha, inside the restroom of Kenjis bar in Kampala.

For instance, the management of Cielo Lounge Bar in Kololo has taken proactive steps by displaying notices stating, ‘No sex in the bathrooms.’

Reports indicate that various bars in Kabalagala and Najjera are also instructing their staff to remain vigilant about such behavior in an effort to safeguard their establishments’ reputations.

Nampeera took to Twitter to issue a formal apology for her actions.

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“I want to apologize to my family, DJ Roja, my friends, my boyfriend, Mr. Barasha, and my employers who have been affected by the circulating video,” Nampeera expressed on her Twitter account.

“It was a private matter; I am genuinely sorry,” she added.

In a three-minute video, Nampeera, who is the younger sibling of DJ Roger, could be observed engaging in an intimate encounter with Barasha within the confines of a public restroom at Kenjis.

Subsequently, more videos depicting young women involved in similar acts at Kenjis have surfaced online.

These videos have sparked a fervent online debate regarding the safety of women frequenting Kampala’s nightlife venues.

There is concern that women become particularly vulnerable to sexual predators after consuming alcohol and drugs.

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Dr. Blair Kiiza, a respected medical professional, has issued a cautionary message to the public regarding sexual activities within restroom facilities, emphasizing the associated health risks.

“Firstly, there is an increased risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) due to the unclean nature of public restrooms,” Dr. Kiiza explained, further adding, “It is important to prioritize safe and sanitary environments for intimate moments.”

Dr. Kiiza also pointed out that the likelihood of transmitting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and even HIV is higher in restroom settings.

“Public restrooms often lack the privacy and cleanliness necessary for engaging in safe sexual practices,” Dr. Kiiza continued, “To reduce these risks, consider engaging in sexual activities within a private, clean, and comfortable space.”

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He stressed, “If you do find yourself in a public restroom, remember to use protective measures like condoms or dental dams and to thoroughly clean up afterward.”


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