Namutumba Health Report Exposes Worker Absenteeism and Fund Misuse

Namutumba Community Hospital
PHOTO -- Namutumba Community Hospital
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A recent report has highlighted concerning issues affecting health service delivery in Namutumba District, including high absenteeism among health workers, drug selling, and poor handling of expectant mothers.

The State House Health Monitoring Unit found that senior clinical officers often leave the district for further studies without official leave, affecting healthcare provision.

Some health workers at Nsinze Health Centre IV reportedly demand money from patients for medical services.

Funds meant for healthcare activities, including wages and immunization outreaches, are mismanaged by facility in-charges, as per the report.

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Senior clinical officers are found to work only 26 days in nine months, drawing full salaries despite absenteeism, leading to investigations and possible prosecution.

District officials acknowledge the health system’s challenges, with suspensions of health workers over absenteeism and misconduct.

Residents complain of inadequate facilities, while politicians are accused of hindering healthcare development.

This report echoes previous findings of absenteeism issues within Uganda’s public health sector.

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