Nile Breweries Launches Campaign Promoting Responsible Drinking

Campaign by Nile Breweries Aims to Encourage Smart Drinking
Campaign by Nile Breweries Aims to Encourage Smart Drinking
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Nile Breweries Limited has introduced a campaign called “Enjoy Like a Boss – Be a Champion of Moderation” to promote responsible drinking. The campaign was revealed on September 25th and is intended to encourage responsible drinking habits and raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving nationwide.

Nile Breweries commits approximately UGX 300 million annually to support such initiatives. The campaign is scheduled to run until December 2023, during which the brewery will conduct awareness campaigns at various locations throughout the country.

Emmanuel Njuki, the Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs at Nile Breweries, explained that the campaign aims to emphasize the importance of moderate beer consumption while highlighting the benefits of smart drinking. Njuki stated, “As Uganda’s leading beer provider, we are dedicated to promoting responsible enjoyment of our beverages and reducing harmful alcohol consumption in Uganda.”

Njuki further noted that the smart drinking campaign is part of the efforts to commemorate Global Beer Responsible Day, an annual commitment by AB InBev, the parent company, to promote responsible drinking worldwide.

Over the years, Nile Breweries has implemented various initiatives to promote smart drinking, including guidance labeling on their products, bar activations, responsible marketing and advertising, awareness campaigns through both traditional and social media, social behavior change campaigns such as “No Excuse,” the Inter-University smart drinking challenge, and road safety programs.

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