NRM Joint Medical Camp Shines In Dokolo District 

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The NRM Joint Medical Camp took place in Dokolo Town Council during the weekend. Photo by Okidi Patrick
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A group of NRM mobilizers organized a wonderful joint Medical Camp during the weekend (on Saturday, 11th November 2023) at Angwecibage Primary School playground in Dokolo Town Council, Dokolo District. The event was accompanied by corporate social responsibility, including cleaning the market area and the main street of Dokolo Town Council, providing free health services, distributing soap, and organizing a football match.

Key mobilizers in the event included Angola Peter Omiat, Sammy Ogwang (former Vice Chairman LCV Dokolo District), Tonny Ocen (NRM mobilizer based in Lira City), Menya Stephen, among others. All activities took place free of charge.

Angola Peter Omiat said they initially discovered that the community was not receiving the health services they were supposed to get. That’s why they decided to organize such events and bring them closer to the community for easy access. He mentioned that they funded the event individually, with no external sponsorship.

He urged the government to provide necessary support in the future when such events are organized again. Peter appreciated His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda, General Yoweri Museveni Kaguta, for supporting them at one point under the umbrella of Dokolo Youth Yellow Brigade. He mentioned that the Dokolo Youth Yellow Brigade is still performing well.

Menya Stephen, one of the mobilizers of the great NRM joint team, expressed happiness for the success of the NRM joint medical camp, adding that several youths were circumcised. Mr. Menya said the joint NRM mobilizers included original NRM members, some ONC members, among others. They cleaned around the market street and the main street while interacting freely with the business community of Dokolo Town. It was a great day for them as the great NRM combined team, and they did it for H.E. the President.

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Ocen Tonny, Chairman Lango Trek Mobilizers from Lira City, appreciated President Museveni for the peace being experienced at the moment. He mentioned that they conducted several health services such as cervical cancer screening, Tuberculosis screening, diabetes screening, safe male circumcision, HIV guidance, testing, and counseling, among others. These services were provided directly to the Dokolo community, including the distribution of bars of soap for the elderly who attended the event.

Ocen said the event was very successful, with a high turnout of patients who came to access free HIV testing and other screenings offered at the function venue.

Sammy Ogwang, former Vice Chairman Dokolo District, said that as joint NRM mobilizers, they have come together to make the function successful. They have achieved this without raising resources from any external sources. Sam mentioned that, as NRM mobilizers, they also had a friendly match between the media in Dokolo and the NRM party mobilizers in Dokolo District. More than 400 people attended the function, and it concluded with a friendly football match between the media and NRM youth mobilizers.

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