Omoro Health Facility Faces Closure Due to Bat Infestation

Lela Obaro Health Centre 2 in Omoro
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The poor condition of Lela-Obaro Health Centre 2 in Omoro district has prompted action from the district health department. Due to severe structural issues, including infestation by bats, antenatal care and maternity services at the facility, located in Bobi sub-county, have been suspended.

The presence of bats in the facility’s ceiling poses health risks to patients and staff, emitting foul odors and potentially spreading diseases. Omoro district chairperson, Douglas Peter Okello Okao, confirmed that while other healthcare services are still accessible, they are now provided outdoors within the facility’s compound.

Dr. Stephen Orintho, Omoro district health officer, highlighted the redirection of expectant mothers to seek antenatal care services at Bobi Health Centre 3. Additionally, efforts are underway to secure support from telecommunications companies to address the rehabilitation needs of the health facility as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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