Patients Flock to Mulago Hospital for Free Surgical Services

Mulago Hospital's Free Surgical Camp Attracts Over 770 Patients
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More than 772 patients attended the opening day of a week-long free surgical camp organized by Mulago Specialized National Referral Hospital to commemorate Uganda’s independence day.

Dr. Nobert Orwotho, the Surgical Director at the hospital, informed reporters that on the first day, each of the 16 surgical specialists attended to an average of 4 to 5 patients.

Dr. Orwotho anticipates that throughout the event, the specialists will continue to see an average of five patients each day, making it a total of 60 to 70 patients daily. He noted a significant number of patients seeking orthopedic surgery, Ear, Nose, and Throat surgery, especially among children with breathing difficulties and airway blockages, and Gastrointestinal tract surgery.

The Acting Executive Director of the hospital, Dr. Rosemary Byanyima, stated that the initiative aims to highlight the surgical services available to Ugandans. She also emphasized that patients with minor surgical issues are treated at regional referral hospitals, while those with specialized surgical conditions are referred to specialists for necessary procedures.

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Dr. Byanyima further emphasized that the camp’s purpose is to raise awareness among Ugandans about the range of surgical services provided by the hospital. She pointed out that some individuals travel abroad and expend significant resources on surgeries that could have been performed at Mulago.

Julius Baguma, hailing from Butooke Village in Kyegegwa, embarked on a journey at 4 a.m. to seek eye treatment at Mulago. He had previously undergone eye surgery at the same hospital a month ago. Baguma expressed gratitude for the surgical operation, as it has improved his ability to read small fonts, which was challenging for him before the surgery.

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