Pregnant Mothers in Oyam District Skipping Crucial Antenatal Care Visits

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The number of pregnant mothers visiting health centers for antenatal care (ANC) in Oyam district is consistently dropping at the 4th visit compared to the 1st visit.

Between July and September this year, reports from various health centers in Oyam district show that the number of pregnant mothers visiting health centers for their 1st antenatal care was high. For example:

  • At Acimi Health Center III, 465 mothers visited the health center for the 1st antenatal care, but during the 4th visit, only 239 mothers were recorded.
  • At Ariba Health Center III, 198 mothers went for antenatal care for the 1st visit, but during the 4th visit, only 119 were noted.
  • Adigo Health Center II confirmed 116 pregnant mothers for antenatal care during the 1st visit, but in their 4th round of visits, only 58 mothers were noted.
  • Akwangi Health Center II recorded 101 pregnant mothers for the 1st antenatal care visit last quarter, but during their 4th visit, only 49 pregnant mothers were reported.

Dr. Giovanni Dalloglio, the director of Timagi Medical Center III in Acaba sub-county, says that the number of pregnant mothers is dropping for ANC visits at the health centers because they prefer deliveries through traditional birth attendance in the villages instead of going to health centers, and they don’t follow advice from the health workers.

However, Dr. Caroline Agaro, the assistant district health officer of Oyam district, encourages health workers and VHTs to continue sensitizing the community against deliveries in the hands of traditional birth attendants, as it poses risks for both mothers and babies.

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