Rising Numbers of Childhood Cancer Cases Reported at Uganda Cancer Institute

Awareness Efforts Highlight Growing Child Cancer Cases in Uganda
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Data from the Uganda Cancer Institute reveals a consistent rise in the annual diagnosis of cancer among children. Rose Nankinga, a senior pediatric oncology nurse at the institute, disclosed that last year saw nearly 500 new cases, while this year has already seen 600 cases registered. Anticipating further increases, Nankinga attributed this trend to heightened awareness about the disease.

Nankinga made these observations during the September Gold Month celebration at the Uganda Cancer Institute on September 13th. During the event, children participated in various activities, including singing, dancing, and enjoying bouncing castles.

The primary objective of this annual commemoration is to raise awareness about childhood cancer, emphasizing its existence, treatability, and curability when diagnosed early.

Throughout the month, healthcare professionals engage with children battling cancer, offering support and companionship. Nankinga emphasized the importance of offering hope to parents who have lost children to cancer, acknowledging them as heroes in their fight against the disease.

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To inspire courage and optimism, medical staff decorate the children’s wards. Additionally, those who have overcome cancer are encouraged to support others in their journey. The healthcare workers also play a pivotal role in educating the public, particularly parents and guardians, urging them to seek screenings and check-ups if they suspect their children may have cancer.

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