Rukiga Horror: Nurse Accused of Sexually Assaulting Pregnant Woman

Rukiga police arrest nurse over raping expectant mother
Rukiga police arrest nurse over raping expectant mother
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Rukiga district has become the backdrop for a medical melodrama that has left the community in disbelief. Darius Orikiriza, an enrolled nurse at Mparo Health Center IV, finds himself in the spotlight after being apprehended by the authorities on shocking allegations of raping an expectant mother.

Sources indicate that the bewildering incident unfolded on Monday around 02:00 pm, casting an ominous cloud over what should have been a routine pregnancy checkup for a 20-year-old woman from Maaya village. Little did she know, this appointment would soon become a distressing chapter in her life’s story.

Upon her arrival at the designated scanning area, Nurse Orikiriza reportedly prescribed a rather unconventional treatment plan. In a baffling move, he instructed the young woman to disrobe entirely. What happened next left everyone astounded: against the woman’s explicit objections, Orikiriza allegedly engaged in an act that defies both medical ethics and human decency.

However, the situation didn’t remain under wraps for long. The victim’s cries for assistance triggered a swift response from the facility’s authorities, setting off a chain of events that would culminate in a police intervention. Kigezi region police spokesperson Elly Maate confirmed the arrest of Orikiriza, underlining the gravity of the situation.

In a bid to unravel this perplexing case, law enforcement and medical professionals embarked on a series of tests. Genital swabs were collected from both the alleged victim and the accused nurse, destined for thorough analysis. But the astonishing revelations didn’t stop there – Orikiriza, who now finds himself in a precarious position, was subjected to an HIV test, yielding an unexpected positive outcome.

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The incident has prompted an official case registration at the Rukiga police station, bearing the code CRB 361/2023. Ronah Tweheyo Rwebandaira, the Rukiga district secretary for health services, couldn’t conceal her disappointment at the utterly unprofessional conduct exhibited by a member of the healthcare fraternity.

In an astonishing disclosure, Rwebandaira revealed that this wasn’t the first time concerns had been raised about Orikiriza’s behavior. Previous complaints from other mothers had raised eyebrows, but the lack of substantial evidence had left their efforts to address the issue largely fruitless. Now, with the glare of public attention firmly fixed on this medical maze, the community is left grappling with a situation that seems more fit for a soap opera than a health center.

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