Uganda Medical Association Elects Dr. Luswata as President

Uganda Medical Association
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Doctors united under the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) have chosen Dr. Herbert Luswata as their new president, with Prof. Frank Asiimwe assuming the role of vice president. The election, held on November 11, saw Dr. Luswata securing victory with 57 percent of the votes, while his opponent, Dr. Othiniel Musana, received 47 percent according to UMA leadership records.

Position Elected Official
President Dr. Herbert Luswata
Vice President Prof. Frank Asiimwe
Secretary General Dr. Joel Mirembe
Treasurer Dr. Irene Asaba
Welfare Dr. Livingstone Ssekyanzi
Publicity and Mobilization Dr. Mark Andrew Muyanga
Ethics and Professionalism Dr. Wilberforce Kabweru
Continuous Professional Development Dr. Asiphas Owaraganise
Development and Finance Dr. Richard Kalungi


Dr. Luswata, previously the Secretary General in the preceding UMA team, takes over from Dr. Edith Nakku Joloba, who served as the president. Dr. Nakku assumed the role after the impeachment of Dr. Samuel Oledo in 2022, who did not complete his term. Dr. Oledo faced impeachment for allegedly making a political statement by organizing individuals in clinical attire to kneel before President Museveni, endorsing him for the 2026 presidency.

Dr. Oledo, during his tenure, led strikes advocating for improved welfare and salaries for health workers. Despite government efforts to enhance salaries for scientists and health workers, the Ministry of Health expresses concerns that these salary adjustments have not significantly improved the quality of care in public healthcare facilities.

The UMA, which holds leadership elections every two years, is now under the stewardship of Dr. Luswata and his team. The newly elected leaders will guide the association at a critical juncture, addressing ongoing concerns about healthcare quality and continuing the advocacy for the well-being of medical professionals.

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