Uganda Nurses’ Union Donates Medical Supplies to Kitgum Hospital

uganda nurses union donates medical supplies to kitgum hospital
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Uganda Nurses’ and Midwives’ Union (UNMU) has provided medical equipment and supplies to Kitgum General Hospital, aiming to enhance maternal healthcare services. The donation, valued at millions of shillings, comprises various items such as baby weighing scales, neonatal and infant resuscitation bags, headlamps, sterile equipment, temperature guns, and thermometers.

Peter Habi Harimana, the national organizing secretary of the union, officially handed over the supplies during a ceremony on Tuesday. He explained that the donation’s primary objective is to support medical staff in improving the quality of maternal healthcare at the hospital.

Dr. Geoffrey Okello, the Medical Superintendent of Kitgum General Hospital, expressed his gratitude to the Uganda Nurses’ and Midwives’ Union for their generous support. He assured that the hospital is fully committed to utilizing these supplies effectively.

Dr. Okello emphasized that the donation will play a vital role in improving the quality of care provided to expectant mothers and infants, with the ultimate goal of reducing preventable maternal and newborn mortality, as well as stillbirths.

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