Uganda Parliament Staff Receive Wellness Tips

Rapport Counseling Director Advises Parliament Staff on Wellness and Productivity
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On Monday, Susan Tashobya, the executive director of Rapport Counselling Services, addressed a group of parliament staff who engage in regular fitness activities at the parliament parking lot. Tashobya emphasized the importance of maintaining both physical and mental well-being to manage life’s everyday stresses effectively and maximize productivity for the benefit of society.

During her lecture, Tashobya stressed that it is crucial to manage stress effectively, as constant moodiness, irritability, and sulking are indicators of potential mental health issues. She encouraged parliament staff to pay close attention to their mental health and address any problems they may encounter.

In addition to workplace initiatives, Tashobya advised the staff to engage in physical activities whenever time allows, such as walking or other fitness routines, to maintain good health amidst busy schedules. She underscored the significance of making physical activity a routine to boost energy, promote good sleep, and overall well-being.

Tashobya reminded the staff that overall well-being encompasses both physical and mental health, highlighting the importance of maintaining every cell in the body for a healthier life. She urged the staff to be mindful of their diet and lifestyle choices, emphasizing the importance of deliberate decisions for a better future.

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Recognizing that aging is inevitable, Tashobya encouraged individuals to stay healthy and enjoy every stage of life by fostering a positive self-image and reflecting on their personal well-being. She emphasized that assessing one’s physical and mental health is vital for becoming not only good employees but also good individuals contributing positively to society.

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