Ugandan Healthcare Startups Receive Support at UN Summit

Ugandan Healthcare Startups Receive Support at UN Summit
PHOTO Kikubo Lane - Ugandan Healthcare Startups Receive Support at UN Summit
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In recent news, several African startup companies have received financial support through the WiNFUND initiative, including three medical startups from Uganda. These startups were recognized during the UN Climate Week 2023 held in New York.

One of the Ugandan beneficiaries is Ms. Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa’s CHIL AI Lab Group. This initiative focuses on using machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer specialized, affordable, and scientifically proven services for preventing and managing chronic diseases, especially for women in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Ms. Nabuuma shared her vision for the project, stating, “We are committed to expanding our hub-and-spoke telemedicine model, which is expected to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry in Africa. Our goal is to connect the previously unconnected healthcare network in Africa with limited resources, such as doctors, pharmacies, and modern laboratories.”

She further explained, “Our aim is to provide world-class, real-time, and secure medical services to underserved populations in the Middle East and Africa. We achieve this through our Network of Spokes, interconnected with our hubs, using our Artificial Intelligence Chatbot, which is compatible with Telemedicine Devices.”

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