Celebrating 50 Years: Uganda’s First Lady Commends President Museveni for Choosing “Unique” Anniversary Location

First Lady Thanks President Museveni for Making Childhood Dreams Come True
PHOTO - UBC - The jubilant couple commemorated their golden anniversary over the weekend. Having initially wed at Turnham Green Church in England on August 24, 1973, they renewed their vows at Kyamate Church of Uganda in Ntungamo District.
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In a rather sentimental turn of events, Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, has taken a moment to express her gratitude to her spouse, President Museveni. The occasion? Their remarkable 50-year marriage milestone. Instead of the expected locales like Rwakitura or Kampala, the celebration surprisingly took place in Ntungamo district, specifically in Kyamate and Irenga.

The weekend was dedicated to commemorating the half-century journey of Museveni and the First Lady. Way back in 1973, the duo said their vows at Turnham Green Church in England. Fast forward to the present day, and they chose to reaffirm their promises at Kyamate Church of Uganda in Ntungamo District.

According to the First Lady, their enduring partnership serves as a testament to divine intervention across their shared history. As the years went by, their interdependence grew more pronounced, particularly leaning on President Museveni.

Amidst the festivities, the First Lady took a moment to share her appreciation for being guided to Ntungamo, a place deeply intertwined with their personal narrative. She explained, “This is where my husband and I trace our roots, where my childhood dreams took shape, and where my love for our homeland was born.” The sentiment of the occasion was not lost on their guests.

In these trying times, she underlined the significance of celebrating family bonds. Furthermore, she highlighted the global recognition her husband has received for essentially “creating the human family.” A fitting foundation for humanity, she suggested.

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With a dash of humor, she remarked, “At 75, with Yoweri at 78, we stand as a testament to God’s grace. Ebenezer! Truly, the Lord has brought us this far.” Her words shed light on the significance of Ntungamo for both of them. President Museveni’s roots trace back there, and although he moved away to Kiruhura district during his youth, his affection for Ntungamo never wavered.

Their meeting point, as the First Lady playfully disclosed, was not exactly a school corridor as many might assume. “It is not true that we attended the same school because my husband was in a boys’ school while I was in a girls’ school, but our paths converged at some point.” Her transition from a three-classroom girls’ school to a boys’ school further added a comical twist.

Delving into specifics, the festivities found their way to Irenga, her family’s abode from the age of seven. With a wistful smile, she shared, “This is where my childhood dreams were formed, and my love for my homeland blossomed in this very compound.” It was evident that this celebration was a matter of the heart for her.

Even in these peculiar times, the First Lady emphasized the duty to uphold family values and recognized the challenges posed by those attempting to redefine traditional family norms. As Uganda’s Minister of Education and Sports, she viewed their 50th anniversary celebration as a testament to “God’s faithfulness to them and their family.” In her words, “This is a celebration of God’s faithfulness to us as a family because we have endured many challenges, but God has protected us and used us to serve Uganda and humanity as a whole.”

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