Janet’s Golden Advice: “Give Men Peace, Freedom,” Says First Lady on 50th Anniversary

First Lady's Recipe for Lasting Love Let Him Be Advises Janet on 50th Anniversary
PHOTO - Business Insider Africa - First Lady's Recipe for Lasting Love: "Let Him Be," Advises Janet on 50th Anniversary
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Janet and Museveni: A Love Story Celebrating Half a Century

In an event that mixed celebration with advice, Janet Museveni, the First Lady who’s held the title for five decades, shared some light-hearted marital wisdom: “Give him peace. Just let him be.” This nugget of insight was part of her speech during a luncheon at Irenga farm in Ntungamo district, commemorating her and President Museveni’s golden jubilee anniversary.

The delightful occasion, drenched in color and camaraderie, was graced by family and friends who joined in celebrating the momentous milestone.

Amidst a backdrop of rising divorce rates in Uganda, Janet’s words brought a touch of humor. She gently addressed the common gripe that men often vanish from home, stating that women should give their husbands space. She shared a grin, noting, “And he (Museveni) knows, I don’t follow him, picking up things.”

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In his own address, President Museveni gave a nod to his First Lady’s enduring strength and good humor. Despite his “permanent absenteeism” during the tumultuous liberation struggle era, Janet managed the remarkable feat of raising their children while he was away. The President commended her steadfastness, humorously highlighting her role as a “mother of children with a permanently absentee husband.”

Their son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, had a touch of wit to share too. He cheekily remarked that his parents’ leadership had not just protected Uganda, but also “greatly increased” its population. He extended gratitude to all who joined the family to celebrate the jubilee.

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Daughter Pastor Patience Rwabwogo chimed in, taking us back to the time when her parents embarked on their journey of love. Amid uncertainty and the struggle for Uganda’s freedom, they took their vows in 1973. Pastor Patience reflected that time had brought more than just certainty; it brought growth, blessings, and love. She humorously noted, “God of restoration has restored everything for them.”

Throughout the gathering, the theme of enduring love and laughter was ever-present. Janet and Museveni, having weathered half a century together, stand as a testament to a marriage sprinkled with humor, understanding, and the wisdom to “let your husbands be,” as Janet playfully advised.


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