MC Kats Gets Booted Off Stage by Alien Skin’s Crew Amid Feud

Feud Between MC Kats and Alien Skin's Posse Escalates
PHOTO - MC Kats/X - Feud Between MC Kats and Alien Skin's Posse Escalates
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In a dramatic turn of events, the city’s event MC, Edwin Katamba, popularly known as MC Kats, experienced a level of humiliation he probably never saw coming. He found himself at the receiving end of a stage removal by Alien Skin’s fierce gang during an event at Hotel Africana.

The gang, exuding confidence and high spirits, stormed the stage with a clear mission – to oust MC Kats and prevent him from sharing the limelight with Alien Skin, the head honcho of Fangone Forest. Their mission was executed with precision, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Video footage captured by our reliable team on the ground shows MC Kats being forcefully dragged away from the stage, with a seemingly strong intent to ensure he didn’t share the same platform as Alien Skin. The video clip paints a vivid picture of the incident, which left many wondering what led to this surprising showdown.

As MC Kats valiantly resisted being removed from the stage, Alien Skin appeared unfazed, bypassing him as if nothing unusual was happening. Alien Skin proceeded to deliver a performance that further energized the already fired-up crowd.

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Despite MC Kats’ determined efforts to hold his ground, he was ultimately overpowered and kept off the stage until Alien Skin completed his performance. The tension and drama on display were palpable, leaving the audience in shock.

This dramatic incident is the latest development in the ongoing feud between MC Kats and Alien Skin. The feud escalated after a recent exchange of unpleasant remarks between the two during a TikTok livestream discussion about Champion Ogudo’s education.

Champion Gudo, who is a mere ten years old, has found himself thrust into a lifestyle that is far beyond his tender age. He has been accompanying Alien Skin to bars and nighttime concerts, even taking on the role of Alien Skin’s purported bodyguard, despite his age. This has raised significant questions about the nature of their relationship.

While the full truth of the situation remains somewhat elusive, it is undeniably concerning that Champion Gudo is currently not attending school.

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