12-Year-Old Takes Over Swedish Embassy in Uganda

12 Year Old Takes Over Swedish Embassy in Uganda
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On Wednesday at 10:00 am, 12-year-old Charis Lynn Lamunu took over as the ambassador at the Embassy of Sweden in Kampala. She was joined by 13-year-old Margaret Keji from Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement and was welcomed by the Swedish Ambassador to Uganda, Maria Hakansson. Together, they discussed the challenges faced by girls and women and proposed solutions.

At 10:30 am, Charis Lynn Lamunu assumed the position of ambassador and the responsibility to lead the embassy’s work. This event was part of the International Day of the Girl Child, organized by Plan International under the theme “Investing in Girls’ Rights, Our Leadership, Our Wellbeing.”

During her address to the embassy staff, the 12-year-old ambassador emphasized the importance of young girls having a voice on the global stage. She also reaffirmed Sweden’s commitment to gender equality and children’s rights in Uganda.

While acknowledging the progress made in areas such as girls’ education and addressing violence against women and girls, Lamunu pointed out ongoing challenges, including early marriages and teenage pregnancies. She stressed the importance of enabling girls to achieve their dreams and full development.

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Ambassador Hakansson urged girls and women to take on leadership and business roles to influence decision-making and promote development. She emphasized the need for gender equality in all aspects of society and encouraged girls to aspire to various professions, including ministers, ambassadors, doctors, and lawyers.

Isaac Obongo, the head of programs implementation at Plan International Uganda, underscored the significance of providing a platform for young girls to express their aspirations and called for support to empower girls to lead productive lives.

The day’s discussions focused on the importance of gender equality and the need to address challenges such as teenage pregnancies and child marriages to create a more inclusive and responsible society.

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