Emyooga Defaulters in Teso Face One-Month Ultimatum to Repay Loans

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Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune
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State Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune has issued a one-month ultimatum to all Emyooga loan defaulters in the Teso sub-region to repay their outstanding debts. This announcement comes after a comprehensive review of the Emyooga and Parish Development Model (PDM) programs in the region.

During his visit to Teso, Minister Kasolo observed that only two districts, Ngora and Serere, had achieved loan recovery rates above 65%, while the rest lagged behind with recovery rates below 50%. The Emyooga program provides beneficiaries with a one-year grace period to invest the funds before commencing loan repayments in the second year.

Beneficiaries are expected to fully repay their loans, plus a 0.6% interest rate, by the end of the second year. Minister Kasolo has instructed Resident District/City Commissioners to prepare a list of all Emyooga defaulters within one week.

This move highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring the success of the Emyooga program, which aims to boost wealth creation and job opportunities at the grassroots level.

Despite substantial funds being disbursed to Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) in Teso, certain targeted groups, including journalists, taxi operators, performing artists, and mechanics, have not taken advantage of the program. As a result, approximately Shillings 160 Million remains unutilized in banks due to the absence of SACCOs representing these groups.

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The Emyooga Initiative, launched in 2019, forms part of the government’s broader strategy to transition 39% of households from subsistence farming to market-oriented production. The Parish Development Model (PDM), introduced in 2022, aims to improve service delivery and alleviate poverty at the community level.

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