EU and UNHCR Forge Groundbreaking 3 Year Partnership for Refugee Support in Uganda

eu and unhcr forge groundbreaking 3 year partnership for refugee support in uganda
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EU Commits 104.2 Billion Shillings to Refugee Activities in Uganda

In an effort to provide critical support to refugees in Uganda, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have officially initiated a three-year programmatic partnership. This partnership is a significant step in addressing the needs of forcibly displaced individuals within Uganda and marks the first of its kind between the EU and UNHCR.

The EU Kampala office made an initial release of €6.5 million, equivalent to about UGX26 billion, to kickstart the program. Additionally, the EU expressed its commitment to explore the possibility of awarding financial support for two more years. The indicative total amount for this extended support could reach an impressive €19.5 million, approximately UGX 78.2 billion, continuing until 2025.

This multi-year programmatic partnership between the EU and UNHCR is designed to address the critical needs of forcibly displaced people in Uganda. It focuses on providing life-saving assistance to refugees, enhancing their access to basic services, and promoting self-reliance, ultimately leading to a sustainable refugee response.

EU Ambassador to Uganda, Jan Sadek, emphasized the importance of this partnership, particularly in a context where humanitarian funding is becoming increasingly constrained. He stated that the EU’s partnership with UNHCR underscores its commitment to responding to humanitarian crises in the region effectively. Through this collaboration, they hope to bolster Uganda’s progressive refugee policy, making it more self-reliant and resilient.

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The partnership’s areas of funding encompass various critical aspects. These include improving the sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems in refugee hosting areas. Additionally, the program aims to provide essential support to the Ugandan government by implementing innovative approaches to protect the environment and increase access to sustainable energy sources.

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