Finally, Iron Sheets for Karamoja Flagged Off

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Army lorries carrying ironsheets taking them to Karamoja (Photo by Steven Ariong )
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Moroto,Uganda – The government has finally flagged off iron sheets to the reformed Karimojong rustlers.

A total of 97,555 iron sheets for 3,752 beneficiaries across the Karamoja region were flagged off from Namave on Wednesday by Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja, MPs of Karamoja, and State Minister for Karamoja Agness Nadutu, who is among the ministers facing trial in the high court for diverting the first batch of iron sheets meant for the region.

Mr. Remigio Achia, the Member of Parliament for Pian County in Nabilatuk district, said they were keenly monitoring the movement of the iron sheets.

“We are keenly monitoring the movement of the iron sheets, and we hope they will reach without any problem again,” he said.

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The iron sheets are being transported using UPDF military trucks, and each district receives a truck packed with iron sheets.

Upon hearing the disbursement of the iron sheets, the reformed Karimojong rustlers, who are the targeted beneficiaries, could not hold their excitement and cautioned the implicated ministers never to step into the region to witness the distribution of the iron sheets.

“We don’t want the two ministers to appear claiming to be witnessing the distribution of the iron sheets in Karamoja because they are thieves more than us,” he said.

Paul Lokut, another resident, hailed their leaders for their tireless work and ensuring that iron sheets get to Karamoja.

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