Crackdown on Illegal Fishing Nets and Young Fish in Entebbe

Efforts to Safeguard Fisheries in Entebbe: Nets and Immature Fish Destroyed

Crackdown on Illegal Fishing Nets and Young Fish in Entebbe
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Entebbe Resident District Commissioner, Ms. Jackline Kokunda, oversaw the disposal of illegal nets and young fish caught during Fisheries Protection Unit operations in the Entebbe and Wakiso District areas. She commended the President’s initiatives and expressed gratitude to the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, especially the Fisheries Protection Unit and their enforcement partners.

Approximately three tonnes of immature Nile perch fish were destroyed during the operation. Ms. Kokunda mentioned that these fish could have contributed significantly to the country’s revenue if they were allowed to mature fully.

Ms. Kokunda advised fishing communities to use proper equipment or explore legal alternatives instead of engaging in illegal fishing or using inappropriate gear. She also urged the public to adhere to accepted fishing standards to avoid violating Standard Operating Procedures and the law.

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