Government Encourages Alternative Education for PLE Failures

uganda struggles with tvet trainee placement in industries
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The government advises parents not to keep students who failed the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) at home. Instead, they should consider Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) opportunities.

Loy Abaine Muhwezi, the TVET commissioner, suggests that students interested in TVET can enroll in short modules while waiting to retake their exams. Around 133,000 learners missed S1 selections due to low grades.

Muhwezi emphasizes that TVET offers viable options for those who didn’t perform well in PLE. She highlights reforms allowing students to join TVET from primary school to a higher level, including PhD.

She urges technical institutions to prioritize students with just released results, as TVET offers diverse career paths. TVET’s advantages include lower school fees and better employment prospects.

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Muhwezi stresses that TVET’s practical approach is favored by employers over academic qualifications. She encourages Ugandans to consider TVET for its practical skills and employment opportunities.

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