Government Justifies Delegation Size for UN Assembly

Finance Ministry Investigates Expenses of UN Assembly Delegation
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The government has defended the size of Uganda’s delegation at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), citing the need for effective representation and influence on policy outcomes.

In a statement presented during a parliamentary session on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, Third Deputy Prime Minister Rukia Nakadamia refuted media reports claiming a delegation of 71 members, labeling them as false and misleading.

Nakadamia emphasized the importance of Uganda’s participation in the UN General Assembly, describing it as a unique platform for discussing a wide range of international issues. She asserted that Uganda’s active involvement in debates and bilateral meetings was essential.

She also highlighted Uganda’s progress in implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to poverty reduction, gender equality, inclusive development, regional peace, and security. Uganda also contributed to discussions on health, refugees, climate change, and UN reforms.

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Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa expressed concern over the media reports during the parliamentary session, labeling it a public relations crisis. He advised the government to respond promptly to such allegations to prevent further speculation.

Kitgum District Woman MP Lillian Aber emphasized the necessity of representation abroad and downplayed concerns about the delegation’s size. She urged timely communication from government officials to prevent misinformation.

Bufumbira East MP Nsaba Buturo criticized the media for lacking research and suggested that the government engage more actively with the media to promote well-researched stories and protect Uganda’s interests.

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