Gulu Government Pushes for Improved Tax Compliance

gulu city aims to raise shs3 7 billion in property taxes
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Gulu City is among the cities in which the government is aiming to boost local tax collection.

In a recent interview, Mr. George Kidega, the Finance Manager of Gulu City, emphasized the importance of continuous public awareness efforts in achieving property tax compliance. He stressed that for local governments to reach their tax collection targets, the government should maintain ongoing communication with property owners and the general public, explaining the reasoning behind the enhanced tax mobilization measures.

“People must grasp the necessity of generating revenue to support our development plans. Property owners, in particular, should delve deeper into understanding the deductions applied to their properties and how the collected funds will be utilized,” Mr. Kidega pointed out. He further noted that streamlining the payment process is also crucial in order to attain a 100 percent tax collection rate.

This initiative stems from the government’s focus on enhancing domestic tax mobilization, with Gulu City being one of the areas targeted for these efforts.

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