How Government Ministries Fared: Annual Performance Report

How Government Ministries Fared: Annual Performance Report
How Government Ministries Fared: Annual Performance Report
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In a report released on September 13, 2023, it was revealed that several government ministries in Uganda did not meet their goals for the year 2022/23. The report assessed 20 government departments and found that 13 of them achieved less than half of their set targets despite significant financial investments. A total of Shs274 billion spent on innovation and technology development showed no significant gains.

The Office of the Prime Minister coordinated this assessment. The ministries and agencies were evaluated based on their budgets, planned outputs (what they intended to achieve), and the impact of their achievements on the citizens.

In the area of innovation and technology development, although 40% of the goals were met, it was noted that these innovations take time to have an impact, resulting in a 0% outcome score. This setback is concerning, especially as the world advances with the 5th industrial revolution, a goal President Museveni desires for Uganda.

However, not all ministries performed poorly. The justice administration, for instance, spent Shs401 billion and achieved 40% of its targets, with a positive impact rating of 75%. Similarly, the nascent petroleum development sector, projected to start production in 2025, achieved 38% of its goals with a 73% positive outcome for its Shs869 billion expenditure.

Other sectors with high outcome rankings included digital transformation, governance, and security, each scoring 73% with a budget of Shs7.5 trillion. Conversely, community mobilization and mindset change, a campaign aimed at promoting patriotism, spent Shs87 billion but had only a 17% impact, despite achieving 70% of its planned objectives.

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The report also highlighted sectors like the legislature, oversight and representation, and development plan implementation, all with an outcome ranking of 17%.

Development plan implementation, despite receiving a significant budget of Shs17.7 trillion, accomplished only half of its planned objectives, resulting in an outcome score of 17%.

Justine Lumumba, the Minister for General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, attributed the subpar performance to factors such as partner banks withholding cheap credit meant for farmers and instead promoting their expensive loan schemes.

Lumumba emphasized the need for government officials and technocrats to collaborate in ensuring the full implementation of government programs, ultimately improving the lives of Ugandans.

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