Kapchorwa-Kenya Border Road Opening Postponed to 2024

Uganda Kenya Border Road Completion Pushed to Next Year
Uganda Kenya Border Road Completion Pushed to Next Year
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The commissioning of the 73-kilometer road connecting Kapchorwa, Kween, and Bukwo districts in Uganda to Kitale and the Eldoret bypass in Kenya has been delayed until the year 2024.

Uganda partnered with Kenya to construct this road, aiming to improve transportation between the two countries and the eastern slopes of Mount Elgon. Uganda secured funding from the African Development Bank and co-funding from the Islamic Development Bank to build this 73-kilometer road and upgrade the Muyembe-Nakapiripirit Road.

Construction work began on October 1, 2018, with the original completion date set for September 27. However, due to various challenges, including material sourcing, rock excavation, theft, vandalism, heavy rains, and the Covid-19 pandemic, the contractor requested an extension.

Minister of Works and Transport, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, emphasized that the challenges faced by the contractors were significant and beyond their control. Nevertheless, he assured that the road would be commissioned in January 2024 by both the Presidents of Uganda and Kenya.

Gen Katumba highlighted that the completion of this road would have a positive economic impact on both regions, strengthening trade ties and transforming the livelihoods of people living along the border. Many Ugandans have homes on the Kenyan side of the border and frequently travel to Uganda for farming.

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The Sebei Sub-region, known for its agricultural productivity, has long faced transportation challenges. Gen Katumba stressed that the road project would address these issues, facilitating the transportation of agricultural products to markets.

Local leaders, including Mr. Geoffrey Chelogoi, the Kween District LC5 chairperson, praised ongoing road infrastructure developments and the construction of suspension bridges, which have improved access to healthcare, education, and markets. Residents and businesses along the route have also welcomed the road’s impact on economic development.

The road’s completion is expected to foster economic growth, enhance cross-border connections, and improve the lives of the people in the region.

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