Major General Emphasizes Importance of Regional Security Partnerships

Major General Bakasumba Emphasizes The Importance Of Regional Security Mechanisms
Major General Bakasumba Emphasizes The Importance Of Regional Security Mechanisms
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The Chief of Staff – Land Force, Major General Jack Bakasumba, has stressed the importance of strong regional security partnerships. He made these remarks while meeting with a delegation from the Zambia Defence Services Command and Staff College at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs Headquarters in Mbuya. He was representing the Chief of Defence Forces during the meeting.

The delegation from Zambia is visiting Uganda as part of a study tour to better understand the geopolitics, social dynamics, and economic factors affecting the region. They are also exploring how countries can work together to address social, economic, and security challenges in the region.

Major General Bakasamba highlighted the importance of integration, especially within the East African Community, and suggested that the current trade challenges between Uganda and Zambia could be resolved through bilateral agreements. He thanked the Zambian delegation for their friendly relations with Uganda and emphasized that cooperation between the two countries strengthens their existing relationship. He also acknowledged the significance of the bilateral Defence Cooperation agreement in addressing shared strategic security interests.

Colonel Nelson Aheebwa, the Deputy Chief Political Commissar, presented a security briefing on “Geo-Political Aspects and the Imperative of Regional Integration.” He emphasized that regional collaboration, like the one with Zambia, could help secure countries and communities by providing a stronger voice, a larger market, robust security frameworks, and a firmer security foundation.

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Colonel Pezu Lamba, the head of the Zambian delegation, expressed gratitude to the UPDF leadership for hosting them and commended the UPDF for its role in combating terror threats in the region. He noted that such engagements further strengthen the bilateral relationship between Uganda and the Zambia Defence Forces.

The meeting was attended by several key military officials, including Brigadier General James Kinalwa, Brigadier General Godwin Karugaba, Brigadier General Felix Kulayigye, and senior UPDF officers.

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