MPs Set to Discuss Government Agencies’ Merger

museveni urges government agencies merger to save shs1 trillion annually
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Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja announced that Parliament will initiate debates on merging government agencies starting next week.

During a plenary session on Thursday, February 8, 2024, Nabbanja outlined that the process will commence with the presentation of rationalization Bills for various sectors including works and transport, natural resources and environment, education, and internal affairs.

Additionally, the Government plans to table several bills including the Constitutional Amendment Bill, the National Tribunal Bill 2023, Uganda Health Professional Regulatory Council Bill 2023, and the Karamoja Development Agency Repeal Bill 2024.

This announcement follows the recent resolution by the National Resistance Movement Party parliamentary caucus to support the rationalization of government agencies to enhance efficiency and reduce public expenditure.

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According to Government Chief Whip Dennis Hamson Obua, the rationalization aims to streamline ministries’ departments, potentially saving over one trillion shillings in public expenditure by eliminating duplicated services.

The move comes after Parliament rejected the “Rationalization of Government Agencies (Repeals and Amendments) Bill 2023” two months ago, which proposed dissolving agencies like the Uganda National Roads Authority and merging others such as the Equal Opportunity Commission with the Uganda Human Rights Commission.

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