NWSC Launches Project to Enhance Water Supply in Fort Portal, Hoima, and Lira

nwsc launches project to enhance water supply in fort portal hoima and lira
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The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) initiated a feasibility study on January 30, 2024, to enhance water supply and sanitation in three new cities: Fort Portal, Hoima, and Lira. The project, aimed at improving water supply in surrounding towns, was officially launched by NWSC Managing Director, Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha.

Dr. Mugisha mentioned that the utility secured grant financing from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to fund consultancy services for the feasibility study of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure development in the specified cities. The project aligns with the commitment to provide water for all citizens in the newly established cities, as per the president’s pledge.

The NWSC has entered into a contract worth 1,099,823.50 Euros (over UGX 4.54 billion) with the Seureca and Artelia Consortium, with Warner Consultants Ltd serving as subcontractors. Their task is to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies for water and sewerage infrastructure in the designated areas.

Dr. Mugisha highlighted the increasing demand for water services in the new cities, emphasizing the importance of this initiative to meet the growing needs of the communities.

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