Parliament Speaker and Chief Justice Vow to Respect Separation of Powers

vice president alupo joins annual judges conference
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Speaker Anita Among and Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo have affirmed their commitment to collaboration between the Legislature and Judiciary, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their respective spheres of authority. Their statements were made during the conclusion of the annual judges’ conference in Kampala.

Speaker Among assured that the Parliament would respect the autonomy of the Judiciary, stating, “We shall not disorganize you in your workings. We also request that much as you want judicial accountability, also don’t disorganize any other institution that works peacefully.”

Likewise, Chief Justice Dollo emphasized the need for all three arms of government to communicate effectively while safeguarding the independence of the Judiciary. He highlighted the importance of each branch fulfilling its designated responsibilities as outlined in the constitution.

The remarks of Among and Dollo come amidst concerns raised by some lawyers regarding alleged interference by President Museveni in judicial matters. Accusations include presidential directives to the Chief Justice regarding specific legal cases, which has sparked controversy and prompted calls for protest.

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The principle of judicial independence is enshrined in Article 128(2) of the 1995 Constitution, which prohibits any interference with the courts or judicial officers in the execution of their duties.

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