Plans for Wealth Creation Programme for Karamoja Region

Karamoja Wealth Fund
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The President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has announced the government’s commitment to implement a comprehensive wealth creation and poverty alleviation program for the Karamoja sub-region. Speaking at the Oliver Reginald Tambo School of Leadership and Pan-African Centre of Excellence in Nakaseke District, President Museveni emphasized the need to address the challenges faced by the people of Karamoja, including food scarcity and limited access to water.

To tackle the issue of food scarcity, the President revealed plans to introduce tractors in the region to enhance collective and individual food production. Additionally, measures will be taken to increase water availability by constructing more dams. President Museveni stressed the importance of providing households with quick income-generating opportunities as part of the strategy to combat poverty.

Furthermore, he encouraged the people of Karamoja to prioritize patriotism over tribal and religious identities, emphasizing that unity would play a crucial role in their journey towards prosperity. The President underscored the significance of tapping into the broader Ugandan market, rather than focusing solely on tribal and regional affiliations.

President Museveni used the example of the Banyankole, a group known for milk and beef production, to illustrate how prosperity can be achieved through the sale of local products to the people of Kampala. He noted that expanding beyond the internal Ugandan market to the East African and African markets would be essential for Karamoja’s economic growth.

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In addition to economic transformation, the President highlighted the importance of education and the four key sectors for social and economic development: commercial agriculture, industries and factories, services, and information and communication technology (ICT).

The government’s initiative to empower the Karamoja region extends beyond economic development. It includes an ideological orientation program that aims to build community resilience, enhance local leadership, and promote community peace and development. Defense Minister Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja and Chief of Defense Forces Gen. Wilson Mbasu Mbadi emphasized the importance of civil-military cooperation in pacifying Karamoja and addressing historical issues of marginalization.

The training program, attended by 239 participants, including 48 females, focused on mindset change and ideological development. Leaders from Karamoja expressed their commitment to being agents of change in their communities, working toward peace, security, and development in the region.

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