Police College Chief Lectures on Professionalism and Integrity

SCP Kafeero Tips Officers On Integrity and Professionalism Uganda Police Force
PHOTO - Uganda Police Portal
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SCP Kafeero Moses, the Commandant of Police Senior Command and Staff College – Bwebajja, recently delivered a lecture at the Police Training School in Kabalye, Masindi. The lecture was aimed at officers currently undergoing refresher courses and initial police training, with a focus on the fundamental principles of professionalism and integrity within the police force.

In his lecture, which spanned half a day, SCP Kafeero stressed the significance of discipline, courage, and integrity among officers as they serve and interact with the community. He also encouraged the officers to embrace teamwork as a fundamental aspect of their service.

Additionally, SCP Kafeero emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by avoiding detrimental habits such as alcoholism, smoking, and engaging in extramarital activities.

SCP Kafeero’s lecture:

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Key Points Emphasis
Principles Professionalism and integrity within the police force
Key Values Discipline, courage, and integrity
Collaborative Approach Encouragement of teamwork
Lifestyle Guidance Avoiding habits like alcoholism, smoking, and extramarital activities

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