Prime Minister Encourages Older Persons to Save and Preserve Family Unity

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Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has encouraged older individuals to start saving money and to avoid dividing their land among their children.

Speaking as the main speaker at an event held yesterday in Kyegegwa district’s Humura playground to commemorate the International Day for Older Persons, Nabbanja advised older people to think about keeping their land undivided for their children to use as a united family and share the benefits from it.

She said, “Older people should develop a habit of saving and avoid spending their money on alcohol, as it can harm their health. Instead, they should avoid splitting their land among their children and make sure it stays undivided.”

Nabbanja also urged those responsible for the Parish Development Model (PDM) to ensure that older persons receive the 10 percent share they are entitled to. This allocation, as stated by the Ministry of Gender, is meant to support their development and help them access other government programs that offer grants for the elderly.

She encouraged older people to stay healthy by eating nutritious foods and engaging in regular exercise to maintain their well-being. She also emphasized the importance of seeking medical care at healthcare facilities across the country.

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Furthermore, Nabbanja pledged to expedite the progress of the Older Persons Bill 2019 in collaboration with the Attorney General.

During the event, an older person, in an interview with KFM, appealed to the government to make significant changes to the Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment (SAGE) program. The request was to lower the age of beneficiaries from 80 years to 65 years and increase the funds from Shs 25,000 to 200,000.

Mr. Stephen Kasaija, who heads the Program Management Unit responsible for expanding social protection at the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development, acknowledged the challenges faced by the elderly population. He mentioned that the country is actively discussing the possibility of increasing SAGE payments and lowering the enrollment age.

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