Uganda and Rwanda Immigration Officials Hold Bilateral Meeting in Mbarara

Bilateral Talks on Cross Border Cooperation Between Uganda and Rwanda in Mbarara
Bilateral Talks on Cross-Border Cooperation Between Uganda and Rwanda in Mbarara
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Immigration officials from Uganda and Rwanda are currently engaged in a two-day meeting in Mbarara city, aimed at strengthening cooperation in cross-border movement of people and trade.

The meeting commenced on Monday at the Las Vegas Hotel in Mbarara and saw Uganda’s internal affairs permanent secretary, Lt. Gen. Joseph Musanyufu, express optimism about the potential benefits that enhanced cross-border movements could bring to both countries.

Lt. Gen. Musanyufu emphasized the significance of bilateral engagement, highlighting that it would lead to advancements at both operational and strategic levels, fostering a shared approach to managing migration-related matters.

He also noted Uganda’s commitment to cooperation with Rwanda, citing the signing of a memorandum of understanding on migration cooperation in March of this year as evidence of their shared goals.

Rwanda’s director general of immigration and emigration, Lynder Nkuranga, echoed these sentiments, pledging to collaborate closely with their counterparts in Uganda to facilitate smoother cross-border movements and implementing resolutions from the joint permanent commission, including the official opening of the Kizinga-Rwempasha border.

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Maj. Gen. Apollo Kasiita Gowa, Uganda’s director of citizenship and immigration control, expressed confidence that the Rwempasha-Kizinga border opening would be a valuable resource for the citizens of both nations. He anticipated that it would promote trade, thereby improving the standard of living for the people of Uganda and Rwanda.

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