Uganda Initiates Affordable Road Upgrades

210930032256 A motorist wades through one of the affected roads. Parts of Northern Uganda has been witnessing flash floods since the beginning of the rainy season. Photo by Chris Woo
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In an effort to enhance road connectivity and access to business opportunities while keeping costs low, the Ministry of Works and Transport in Uganda has launched a plan to upgrade community roads across the country using budget-friendly sealing techniques.

Vice President Jessica Alupo recently visited Katakwi District to kickstart road construction projects that employ these cost-effective sealing methods. This initiative aims to alleviate the transportation challenges that many communities have faced due to poor road networks.

Musa Ecweru, the State Minister for Works and Transport, disclosed that as part of this ambitious project in Katakwi, four essential roads connecting various sub-counties and ferry services will undergo improvements. Additionally, plans are underway to enhance water transport services, further facilitating the movement of goods and people, including in Katakwi.

In one specific example in Getom subcounty, Katakwi, the Vice President commissioned the 7km low-cost sealing of Getom-Toroma road, a project to be carried out by CME Enterprise Limited over one year at a cost of shs 1.9 billion.

Local authorities anticipate significant positive changes as construction work begins. The improved road network promises better connectivity, increased economic opportunities, and improved access to essential services, providing hope for those who have long awaited such improvements.

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The impact of these developments is particularly noteworthy for local residents who have endured the challenges posed by inadequate road infrastructure for an extended period. Poor road networks have hindered their ability to transport goods to market areas, impeding economic progress.

Emmanuel Twinobaze, the assistant commissioner in charge of roads, emphasized that by adopting low-cost sealing technologies, the government aims to provide a sustainable solution to these long-standing issues. This approach not only offers an affordable means of upgrading roads but also ensures their durability and longevity.

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