Uganda’s Road Network Expands by 300km: Unra’s Year in Review

Uganda National Roads Authority Milestone 300km Added to Road Network
PHOTO - Road Traffic Technology - Uganda National Roads Authority's Milestone: 300km Added to Road Network
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In the year 2022/2023, the Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra) has made significant strides by increasing the country’s road network by 300 kilometers. This achievement was announced by Ms. Allen Catherine Kagina, the Executive Director of Unra.

Specifically, Ms. Kagina stated that, “Unra has expanded Uganda’s national road network by adding 254.5 kilometers in the FY 2022/23, bringing the total paved road length to 6,133 kilometers.” Additionally, she noted that “46 kilometers of town roads within various towns and municipalities outside the national road network were upgraded.”

Ms. Kagina also highlighted the ongoing efforts to address persistent challenges affecting Katonga and Karuma bridges. These issues, particularly those caused by the impacts of climate change, have been a concern for the authorities. In response, they are working on long-term solutions.

Regarding the Katonga bridge on the Kampala-Masaka highway, Ms. Kagina revealed that initial steps towards its construction are in progress. This project is expected to take at least two years to complete. She explained, “We are going to build an entirely new bridge and several culverts over an 11-kilometer stretch, starting from Kalandazi through to Lwera.”

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Mr. Samuel Muhoozi, the director-in-charge of bridges and road maintenance, provided further details about the Katonga project. He outlined a three-phase approach, saying, “The first phase is to provide an immediate solution to allow light traffic to pass. The second phase involves constructing a temporary bridge capable of carrying all traffic. In the final phase, we will build a new, higher, and wider bridge designed to withstand the effects of climate change.”

Muhoozi added, “This bridge also includes two other sections: Lwera and another part near Katonga, which will all be part of this bridge project. However, this comprehensive endeavor is expected to take approximately 1.5 to two years to complete.”

The Katonga project is funded by the government of Uganda, with construction work being undertaken by the Chinese firm CCCC.

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