Lango Tribe to Take Matters into Their Own Hands and Build Akii Bua Stadium

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Honorable Sarah Awor Angweri, the workers' representative from Lira City, explained to the media on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, in Lira City why the Lango sub-region should mobilize its own funds for the construction of Akii-Bua Stadium.
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Renowned women activist Honorable Sarah Awor Angweri from Lira City has rallied members of the Lango tribe to mobilize funds and begin building Akii Bua Stadium on their own accord instead of waiting for the government to do so.

“As of now, we have no hope for Akii-bua to be built by the government. The only thing we need to do is to be reunited as one Lango and get trusted and open-minded individuals to lead us in the collection of funds, as we did during COVID-19 when we built our own stadium,” said Honorable Awor.

Sarah emphasized that no one should punish their children because of Dr. Obote Milton Apolo’s Lango origin. “We want to bring to the attention of this government that this generation is different from Dr. Apollo Milton Obote’s generation, and they were not there in that regime,” added Awor. “As mothers and leaders, we feel our children are living in denial in all aspects of life simply because they belong to Obote’s tribe.”

Awor explained that, to the best of her knowledge, Obote was truly a patriot who laid a strong foundation for the country indiscriminately. However, Lango is suspected to be punished because of him, causing them to have nothing to celebrate apart from pains. She mentioned various challenges, such as stolen cows, loss of wealth, and violence from different groups, which have constrained Lango economically and hindered their development.

She called upon the government of Uganda to help the Lango sub-region and build Akii-Bua Stadium. Awor urged the government to control thieving contractors and ensure the stadium is built to its full value for the money allocated.

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Lango, facing challenges in various sectors, demands its fair share in government development, ranking third in revenue collection. Awor appealed for placements in higher positions in government sectors such as Bank of Uganda, NSSF, URA, oil and gas, education, and the army. She emphasized that the construction of Akii Bua Stadium would be a major determinant of whether East Africa will host AFCON and highlighted the region’s ability to accommodate visitors.

Awor encouraged those able to contribute to start doing so for the betterment of building Akii-Bua Stadium, cautioning against negative attitudes from some within the Langi tribe regarding Lango sub-region’s development and its impact on the Akii-Bua stadium construction issue.

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