Medicine Washed by Rain Deemed Safe by National Drugs Authority

NMS drug supply
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National Drugs Authority (NDA) has given the green light for medicine that was exposed to rain at Busia district headquarters on November 2, 2023, to be considered safe for consumption.

Dr. Matthias Wabwire Panyako, the district health officer, and Grace Kanuna, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner, informed New Vision that they had requested NDA to assess the medicine’s safety.

Panyako assured the public that the medicine was carefully packaged in containers designed to withstand various conditions. NDA, in response to their request, had released a safety report confirming its safety.

Subsequently, the National Medical Stores (NMS) has started the distribution of the medicine to various health facilities, including Masafu General Hospital.

On a Thursday, NMS had delivered a two-month supply of medicine to Busia District headquarters. Unfortunately, the medicine, which had been unloaded for verification, was washed away during an afternoon downpour.

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In response to this incident, four individuals, including the district drug inspector Hussein Tazenya, cold chain officer Henry Ngobi, and two NMS personnel, were detained by the police at the directive of Michael Kibwika, the resident district commissioner. At the same time, Panyako provided a statement to the police.

Kanuna encouraged residents not to hesitate in utilizing the medicine and reassured them that it had been cleared for safety by NDA.

“It is true there was negligence, but NDA has alleviated the fears we had regarding the medicine’s safety,” he stated.

The NMS Mbale regional manager, Apolo Munanura, took responsibility for the incident, explaining that the medicine was still under NMS control when the unfortunate event occurred. NMS is accountable for the medicine until it reaches its final destination, making them liable for any incidents involving the medicine.

Key Points Details
Date of Rain Exposure November 2, 2023
Medicine Safety Assessment Conducted by National Drugs Authority (NDA)
Distribution of Medicine National Medical Stores (NMS) dispatched medicine to health facilities
Incident at Busia District Medicine washed away during unloading due to heavy rain
Detained Individuals District drug inspector, cold chain officer, and two NMS personnel
Reassurance to the Public Deputy Resident District Commissioner Kanuna assured the medicine’s safety
Accountability for Medicine NMS is responsible for the medicine’s safety during trans
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