MPs Demand Action Against Illegal Degradation Activities

Speaker Among Warns Energy Minister Against Absenteeism
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Members of the Ugandan Parliament have called on the Ministry of Works and Transport to ensure that ongoing road infrastructure projects cover all regions of the country, addressing the concerns of rural communities that often feel neglected.

The call came during a plenary sitting on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, where Speaker Anita Among commended Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) for its efforts in improving road conditions within the city. However, she emphasized the need to extend these efforts to all parts of the country.

“KCCA is doing a good job, but they are only patching up roads where visitors expect to pass. I request KCCA to equally work on all roads in the city because it will benefit all of us,” she stated.

The Speaker also raised concerns about the illegal construction of buildings in un-designated areas, particularly in trenches and wetlands. In response, Government Chief Whip Hamson Obua announced that the Cabinet had made a decision to cancel all land titles issued within wetlands.

“All the involved persons will be prosecuted following the law. It is incumbent upon respective organs of government through the line ministries, to swing into action,” Obua declared.

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Addressing Rural Road Challenges

MPs from various constituencies across Uganda highlighted the dire state of roads in their respective areas, particularly in rural regions.

Eric Musana, the Independent MP for Buyaga East County, pointed out that heavy rains have rendered roads in rural areas impassable, causing significant disruptions to transportation and livelihoods. He added that many bridges connecting different regions have been destroyed, further compounding the issue.

“Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) should ascertain the number of broken bridges. In my constituency, you will have difficulty connecting to Hoima because the bridge over River Kafu is broken,” Musana emphasized.

Buhweju West County MP Ephraim Biraaro echoed Musana’s concerns, noting that road infrastructure improvements often prioritize districts along major highways, leaving out those not situated on these routes.

“Districts that are in corners like Bujweju have virtually no road, be it a district or community road. I appeal that such districts should get special affirmative action,” Biraaro appealed.

Calls for Specific Road Repairs

MPs Maximus Ochai (NRM, West Budama County North) and Geoffrey Mutiwa (NRM, Bunyole West County) specifically called on the Ministry of Works to address the deplorable condition of the Tororo-Nagongera-Busolwe-Busaba road.

In response, Government Chief Whip Obua clarified that out of the Shs1 billion allocated to each district, city, and municipality in Uganda for road maintenance, Shs500 million has already been disbursed.

Paul Omara, the Independent MP for Otuke County, acknowledged the receipt of the Shs500 million in Otuke district, stating that interventions are already underway to ensure that residents have access to the roads they deserve.

Speaker Among urged MPs to closely monitor the effective utilization of the disbursed funds to ensure that road improvement projects are carried out efficiently and equitably across all regions of Uganda.

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