Police Identify Roads with High Number of Drunk Drivers in Kampala

Focus on Safety: Ugandan Police Highlight Roads Prone to Drunk Driving
PHOTO - St Lucia Star - Focus on Safety: Ugandan Police Highlight Roads Prone to Drunk Driving
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In a recent development, the police in Uganda have disclosed the names of roads in Kampala where a significant number of drunk drivers are frequently found.

The spokesperson for the traffic police, Michael Kananura, shared that the traffic directorate has recognized certain roads as high-risk areas where a notable number of accidents resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol tend to occur. Consequently, the police have opted to enhance their efforts to target drivers who are operating vehicles while intoxicated.

The roads that have been identified include Ggaba Road, Jinja Road, Kiira Road, Entebbe Road, Kampala-Entebbe Express Way, the Northern bypass, and several streets within the Central Business District (CBD).

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The police have initiated extensive operations, particularly within the Kampala Metropolitan Area, as well as on highways and major roads across the country, with a primary focus on apprehending drunk drivers.

As part of these operations, a new measure has been introduced to collect biometric data, specifically fingerprints, to create a database of drivers found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. This database will later be integrated with INTERPOL’s records, as stated by Kananura.

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Superintendent of Police, Pamela Kentaro, who serves as the legal officer for the traffic and road safety directorate, explained that according to section 111 of the Traffic and Road Safety Amendment Act 2020, driving with a blood alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit is considered an offense.

Kentaro pointed out that the Traffic and Road Safety (Prohibited Drugs and Alcohol Limit) Regulations 2023 outline both the designated blood alcohol levels and the designated breath alcohol levels that are considered permissible.


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