Successful 2024 Global Security Liberalization Symposium Explores Potential of a Legal Migration Framework

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Ontario, Canada: International influential figures and high-ranking government officials, including Uganda’s 3rd Deputy Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Rukia Nakadama, stood tall at the 2024 Global Security Liberalization Symposium in Ontario, Canada, deliberating on strategies to combat human trafficking, cybercrime, and the critical task of rescuing children from the horrors of global conflict.

In her remarks, Rt. Hon. Nakadama noted Uganda’s trailblazing refugee policy, renowned for its empathy and effectiveness, stressing that the government welcomes refugees into local communities. In Africa, Uganda hosts the largest number of refugees, ranking 4th globally.

“We see the value and potential in every individual seeking refuge within our borders. By enabling them to farm, learn, and access vital services, we are not just offering sanctuary; we are empowering contributors to our society, fostering a climate of mutual respect and prosperity,” she passionately declared.

Ambassador Walusimbi illuminated Uganda’s resolute battle against the dark tide of human trafficking. “This is a fight we cannot afford to lose,” he proclaimed, detailing Uganda’s collaboration with global partners to dismantle trafficking rings and shield the defenseless.

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Mayor Rick Birman of Niagara Falls, Canada, highlighted the imperative need for concerted action against cybercrime. “In the digital battleground, where invisible threats loom large, international unity and proactive defense strategies are not optional but essential for safeguarding society’s most vulnerable.”

The dialogue on migration was equally transformative, with Canadian representatives and Ugandan officials exploring the potential for a legal migration framework. This venture aimed to establish a conduit for Ugandan professionals to enrich Canada’s workforce, a testament to the power of global mobility and cross-cultural collaborations.

Mr. Ihab Mansour, OEIS President, said there is a need to empower children with digital literacy skills, teach them about online privacy, the consequences of sharing personal information, and how to recognize and report inappropriate content or behavior.

All key players agreed to collectively help children escape trafficking but also aid the rescued ones in developing skills and gaining knowledge needed to succeed in school and the professional sector.

The over 50 speakers, including Ambassadors Marsha (Jamaica), Naloum (Chad), Detective Inspector of Canadian Police Sharon Hanlon, Detective Staff Sergeant Brown Michael Reven (Actor), Ms. Lisa Stark Hughes, a Public Health Entrepreneur, among other security and legal experts, attended the impactful event.

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