Tractor Distribution to Northern Uganda Sparks Excitement among Leaders

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Minister Norbert Mao, Frank Tumwabaze, RDC Hasaka Samuel Mpimbasa of Obongi District, CAO Otim Humphrey Benson, and MPs from West Nile in a photo moment during the flagging off of several tractors for Northern Uganda in Wakiso on Friday. Photo by The Ankole Times.
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Leaders from West Nile, Acholi, and Lango sub-regions left Wakiso on Friday with smiles on their faces after receiving several tractors. Twenty-seven large tractors, costing 3.24 billion shillings, and 326 walking mechanized tractors, costing 8.15 billion, were flagged off by Hon. Minister Norbert Mao.

The event, held at the Namalere National Mechanization Referral Centre in Wakiso district on Friday, December 1, 2023, in the afternoon, was colorful, showcasing the government’s commitment to delivering services to the people of Northern Uganda. Hon. Minister Norbert Mao, the Minister for Constitutional Affairs, officiated the function on behalf of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

In his speech, Minister Mao said that Northerners should stop complaining, as the NRM government has now addressed many of their problems. He cited Joseph Kony and Alice Lakwena as some of the challenges faced by Northerners, urging people of the North to adopt a positive attitude towards development. Minister Mao also advised MPs to refrain from dividing people along political party lines, emphasizing that this is a time for development. He expressed gratitude to the government of Uganda and the president for fulfilling the pledge made.

Mao encouraged people from Northern Uganda to cultivate tea and coffee to eradicate poverty, instead of engaging in the cultivation of colonialist crops like tobacco and cotton, which only led to increased poverty.

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The Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Frank Tumwabaze, warned those who might misuse the tractors that they would be dealt with accordingly, urging them to put the tractors to better use. He emphasized that the tractors are intended for socio-economic transformation and wealth creation.

Meanwhile, the Government Chief Whip, Hon. Denis Hamson Obua, who also serves as the Ajuri County MP, stated that the tractors are the fruits of the NRM caucus. He highlighted that the NRM is a government that pledges, promises, and fulfills, expressing gratitude to President Museveni for the tractors.

The Obongi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Hasaka Samuel Mpimbasa, told The Ankole Times that one large tractor can plow two and a half hectares of land in just an hour, compared to hand hoes where four men can plow one hectare of land in seven days. He continued that a hand-driven mechanized tractor can cultivate eight hectares of land in one day compared to hand hoes.

RDC Hasaka thanked the two Obongi Members of Parliament for lobbying for Obongi to receive the tractors, including their transportation to Obongi district. Obongi District received one large tractor and six mechanized hand tractors, according to Mpimbasa Samuel.

The tractors are distributed by the government of Uganda to reduce poverty in the Northern Uganda region.

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