Two Killed in Road Accident Along Kamdini-Lira Highway

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This morning, around 3:00 AM, two people were confirmed dead in Loro Town Council, Oyam District, after being involved in a road crash with a Fuso Lorry bearing registration number UAL 869W. The lorry collided with a motorcycle bearing registration number UET 016A BAJAJ, which the two victims were traveling on.

According to reports, Gloria Akello and Bodaboda rider Omara Peter were on their way to Loro market for their morning business. Upon joining the Lira-Kamdini highway, the Fuso Lorry driver turned on strong headlights, causing them to lose control and veer off their intended direction. This led to an immediate collision with the Fuso Lorry.

Robert Ekwaro, the LC 3 Chairman of Loro Town Council, confirmed the incident and expressed his condolences. He also mentioned that, unfortunately, the driver and his assistant from the Fuso Lorry jumped out of the vehicle, set fire to the motorcycle, and fled the scene before any assistance could be rendered.

As of the time of compiling this report, the bodies of the two victims have been transported to Anyeke Health Center IV in Oyam Town Council, while the Fuso Lorry has been impounded at Loro Police Station pending further investigation. The driver and his assistant are currently at large.

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