UCE Exam Papers Leaked, Police Arrest Three Suspects

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Police in Luwero, working with Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) private investigators on Friday arrested three suspects for unauthorised possession of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examination papers.

The suspects, still in police custody include a chief invigilator identified as Dalton Denis Lubega, a teacher of Midland High School Luwero who was deployed at Goshen Secondary School, Victoria Model, and Sharma S.S. in Luwero, on different days.

According to UNEB spokesperson Jennifer Kalule, Lubega would photograph one of the papers while on duty as a chief invigilator and share the image with his deputy teacher of Midland High School, Luwero Campus, identified as Zawadi Bwambale, and the Director of Studies of Midland High School, Buntaba, Mukono Campus, a one Herbert Woopo.

The police are pursuing others, still at large, but believed to have been part of the racket for the electronic sharing. Specifically, Kalule said, they shared Commerce and Entrepreneurship papers.

The trio will appear in court to answer to charges of unauthorised possession of examination materials, aiding and abetting malpractice, and appearing in the examination room with electronic gadgets with intent, to disrupt the conduct of an examination. They will be charged under sections 25 and 30, of the UNEB Act 2021.

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In a related development, one suspect is detained at Kampala Metropolitan Police, in respect to the electronic sharing of fake PLE papers.

The suspect Tom Okwenyi, a former teacher, but currently said to be working with a multi-national Agency, is said to have formed a social media platform called ‘Elite SST Senior Examiners, where he shared the fake papers, with over 1,500 members of the group. The fake papers are code-named Fertilizers.

Kalule said their security teams are also tracking another group said to be sharing another set of fake PLE papers code names ‘beans’.

UNEB spokesperson Jennifer Kalule has strongly cautioned parents and teachers to desist from being part of criminal social media platforms/ rackets or any other group that may be involved in acts aimed at aiding and abetting malpractice. She also warned against participating in any way, in the electronic sharing of any such fake content purported to be UNEB papers or paying any money, alleged to be UNEB facilitation.

She added that they are also closely monitoring all online media platforms for anyone who may be vending purported UNEB Examination papers.

The police are investigating the two cases and will take appropriate action against the suspects. UNEB has also warned the public against sharing or forwarding any content said to be UNEB Examinations and urged them to report to police

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