Old Kampala SSS Stakeholders Call for New Board, Teacher Transfers

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The Executive Committees of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and the Old Kampala Old Students Association (OKOSA) held a press conference on December 2, 2023, to announce a series of resolutions passed in response to an audit of the school’s finances and operations.

Financial Mismanagement

The audit revealed significant financial mismanagement during the tenure of former Head Teacher Mr. Muloni James, who served from 2017 to 2022. The audit found that Mr. Muloni presided over a decline in school funds from 1.8 billion shillings to 5 million shillings. Additionally, there were irregularities such as ghost cheques and questionable supply purchases.

Maladministration and Tribalism

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The audit also highlighted maladministration and tribalism under the leadership of Madam Apolot, who continues to hold a position in the Ministry of Education. Madam Apolot is accused of favoring certain teachers, disregarding the Head Teacher’s authority, and fostering divisions among the staff.

Transfer of Overstaying Teachers

The audit recommended the transfer of all teachers who have served at the school for over 10 years. These teachers are alleged to have lost their focus on teaching and are instead engaging in business activities within the school, contributing to the decline in academic performance.

Protection of School Land

The audit uncovered attempts to illegally acquire the school’s sports grounds. The most recent attempt involved a resolution by the former board to lease the land to a UK-based company, Forward Diaspora, for the development of a golf course. However, the PTA and OKOSA believe this plan is a pretext for land grabbing and are taking steps to protect the school’s property.

Legal Action Against Malicious Individuals

The audit recommended legal action against a group of individuals, including Musinguzi, Egesa, and Kamwenzi, who are accused of spreading malicious propaganda against Old Kampala SSS.

Appointment of New Board

The PTA and OKOSA called on the Ministry of Education to appoint a new school board, as all stakeholders have submitted their nominees for consideration.

Support for New Head Teacher

The audit acknowledged the challenges faced by the newly appointed Head Teacher and urged the Ministry of Education to provide adequate support to allow him to stabilize the school and implement necessary reforms.

The resolutions passed by the PTA and OKOSA reflect the concerns of the school community regarding the financial mismanagement, maladministration, and attempts to encroach on school land. The audit has brought these issues to light, and the stakeholders are taking steps to address them and ensure the continued success of Old Kampala SSS.

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