‘Ghost Projects Unearthed in Obongi District’ Says RDC Hasaka Samuel Mpimbasa

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The RDC's Fight Against Corruption in Obongi District
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Mr. Hasaka Samuel Mpimbasa, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Obongi District, has been a vocal critic of corruption in the district. In a recent speech, he thanked the leaders and wanainchi (citizens) in Ewafa Sub-county and Obongi Town Council for showing their commitment in the fight against corruption by openly coming out to join the struggle.

On Wednesday, the RDC’s office, along with the two DLCs (District Local Councils) and the respective LC3 Chairpersons, visited a number of ghost projects in the district. These projects were funded by the government but no work was ever done.

The first ghost project they visited was a 36 million shillings failed irrigation project in Acimari village in Ewafa Sub-county. The project at Mzee Wawa’s farm was supposed to provide irrigation for crops, but the water pump, solar panels, wire, and pipes that were supplied were fake. The leaders testified that the 36 million shillings was deposited at the district by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

The second ghost project they visited was the Obongi East Fish project. This is a 56 million shillings project that does not exist because the money was paid. The police who were at the scene of the crime have started investigating the ghost project.

The third ghost project they visited was the Obongi Town Youth Commercial Nursery Bed Establishment opposite Riyadh Mosque. This is an over 110 million shillings project where Agrifarm was paid 100% but did nothing. The project does not even have any single work done since 2019. Another police file has also been opened in regard to this.

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The fourth ghost project they visited in town council is the Yakinemiji fish pond project. According to the chairperson Akuma Lazarus and available records, 56 million shillings was received on May 5th, 2020. 37,800,000/= was paid for the fish pond, which ended up being embezzled. The Obongi CPS police has opened another file on the Yakinemiji fish pond ghost project.

The RDC is happy that many people have come up to support the government in unearthing the corruption in the district of Obongi and the struggle will continue.

Long live NRM!

Long live H.E. General Yoweri Museveni Kaguta!

I am Hasaka Samuel Mpimbasa, RDC Obongi District.

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