OP-ED: We Need to Desist from the Politics of Violence and Insults

Ismail Lukwago Ntegana
Ismail Lukwago Ntegana
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The infighting within one of the strongest political parties in Uganda the Forum for Democratic Change has exposed the worst out of our political class. Most people are deceptive, self-seekers, violent and uncultured.

One wonders why the questions about the “Dirty money” are coming up now and not in September 2019 when this money was received. According to the Hon Jack Sabiiti, an elder and former Treasurer General of Forum for Democratic Change, the party has always received from friendly forces even within the ruling National Resistance Movement.

When Dr Kiiza Besigye was standing and spending the money, there was no need and call for a financial audit while in case of Engineer Patrick Amuriat, an audit must be made and sources named. This kind of hypocrisy is insulting to the public.

I suspect the Katonga group now accusing the Najjanankumbi of having received the loot from Government is interested in political positions and used the smear campaign to discredit those whose positions were wanted. This partly explains the timing of the accusations and those behind the campaign.

I also suspect that when the money was received like it has always been, there were disagreements in sharing the loot from the undeclared source. According to Hon Nandala Mafabi, they approached Dr Kiiza Besigye asking him to join them on the campaign trail and in fundraising drive. Besigye asked them to come up with a budget and later an election Bureau.

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Maybe in this Besigye wanted a bigger say in running the election and determining how the funds were to be spent and by how, something that never happened given that the budget was made but KB never joined the fundraising drive and the Najjanankumbi people did not form the election Bureau as requested by the Besigye group.
Spending the money with an election Bureau as demanded must have annoyed the Besigye group who must have suspected that misuse of resources must have taken place.

Given all that happened in the past it has been surprising to see young men and women descend on party elders like hungry dogs unleashing all kinds of insults to them. Social media is awash with all kinds of insults and accusations to the Najjanankumbi leaders, some have called the dead bodies, thugs, or prostitutes.

This politics of arrogance and entitlement cannot liberate our country or communities from our current challenges of poverty, bad governance, and disease among others.

Our leaders are benefiting from our gullibility and always use this for their selfish needs. They play the victim always to appeal to the voters and do nothing other than pick up war of words with others. They hold pressers crying and immediately go to their bank smiling.

Isaac Ismail Lukwago Ntegana


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